Work with Us

U-DRIVE is looking for instructors to join the team 2020 across the country, as Partners. This is admittedly different to the perhaps more regular term “franchisee”, but this is admittedly different to being just a franchisee. This is an opportunity. If the idea of diversifying your income, varying your job, and growth within an ambitious company all sound good to you, then come and get involved.

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1. Full Package

Receive everything you need for us, as a company (both definitions), to succeed:

2. Transparancy

U-DRIVE partners are invited to 6-weekly meetings (either physically or video call) where everything is discussed including:

3. Ambition

You will not find another driving school like U-DRIVE, I guarantee you.

4. Rewards

Here are some of the rewards and incentives you can expect to receive when you’re a U-DRIVE Partner:

5. Fees


Being a limited company means a lot of things, but one of the main reasons is shares.


In some rare circumstances yes, like if you’re a Director and sign a contract, but as a shareholder you only have limited liability. That means if the company ever does get into debt, or has to liquidate to pay debt, the only money you’d lose is if you bought shares.

One quick thing...

Hopefully I’ve done enough to at least peak your interest. I think mine would be, if I was coming across this advert and then web page. At the same time, I’d have a lot of doubt, unsureness, and quite frankly skepticism. I perhaps wouldn’t want to leave my existing perfectly comfortable situation, for this “U-DRIVE” guy who seems a bit like his head’s a bit in the clouds. Fuck, maybe some of you who are viewing this are in situations in your driving instructing career which are sub-par and you still don’t want to join U-DRIVE. If that’s the case, then contact me and I can try to quash those feelings. If not, no problem. I honestly do believe that this is an opportunity to build a successful company, and, it’s a lot better if there’s a team involved.