Next, you need to find the why behind whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. By having a strongย whyย behind your goal, you’re emotionally connecting with your goal thus increasing your motivation. This will increase your chance of success massively, as the motivation is coming from deeper within.

The more reasons why you can think of, and the deeper you can go, the better!

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Figuring out why you're doing whatever you're doing is a good way to assess how motivated you are to fulfilling it. If you're more emotionally connected to a goal, and truly believe in it, you're more likely to be willing to put this as a priority as opposed to other things in your life.

How to increase emotional connection to a goal

Try asking yourself questions about your goal and answer them honestly. Write down (and keep) the results to embed the motivation even deeper!

Keep reminding yourself of your why as much as you need to: using sticky notes, telling other people about your goal, and even thinking about your goals before you go to bed and when you wake up.

The emotional aspect of goals is what drives us to choose going to the gym over sitting on the couch. Or overpowers our desire to watch hours of TV, when we know we should be preparing for this or that exam. Emotional connection with your goal can even break you out of a severe rut of aimless-social-media-scrolling-syndrome (not a real thing, but you know what we mean)!

Below: A couple of motivational videos for good measure.