There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions, covering a variety of topics.

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A: Since 2020 – anywhere in the UK!

Despite starting off in the south of the UK (Brighton & Hove) only in 2019, U-DRIVE has built up a vast network of only the best instructors around the country.

A: Simply put, a 1 hour lesson is not enough time for effective learning to take place. 1.5 hours (90 minutes) on the other hand is the ideal time to achieve goals without losing concentration.

A: Yes (within reason). We will drop you off in the areas we cover, but try and give us 24 hours notice if your pickup or drop-off location is going to differ from where it usually is.Β 

A: Yes! Our instructors hold Fully Comprehensive Insurance which covers them and the learner, whenever they are given paid instruction.

A: Online progress sheets are used which not only keep track of new skills, but also any hours left if you’ve pre-paid for a block. You can view the progress sheet at any time through a unique link which will be given to you when lessons start. Parents can receive this link too!

A: As fantastic as our first time pass rate is, unfortunately we can’t guarantee you a pass. This is because we can’t guarantee how the learner will perform on the test day, and while we give tips on how to overcome nerves, some people handle exam situations better than others.

A: Unfortunately there is no definitive answer, especially without seeing your level of driving first! The DVSA states the average time it takes to learn to drive is 45 hours, as well as an extra 20 hours once you’ve passed the exam. This is a good model to go on, however will vary based on many factors such as your existing knowledge of the roads, whether you’ve had any experience driving, or just how well you soak in new concepts and movements. One thing is for sure though: our lessons are client-centred and we will teach you however you learn best. This is why we consistently manage to get people passed (and make them a safe driver for life) in under the DVSA recommended average time.

A: If you cancel with more than 48 hours notice then yes. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds if a cancellation is made under this time, as this is not enough time for another learner to fill the slot.

A: U-DRIVE instructors are happy to accept cash, alternatively they’ll give you their details to do a bank transfer.

A: Yes. We’ve prepared a whole article which aims to simplify the process, answer any questions you have, and offers some honest recommendations as well. Click here to view it.

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