Driving Videos

Find an array of short, useful videos aimed at helping to increase your understanding of a vehicle and common driving scenarios. Use them to help you pass your practical driving test or just brush up on a topic!

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Clutch Explained

Moving Off & Stopping

Simple Left Turn

Hill Start

Hazard Routine

Meeting Traffic

Left Turn (Emerging)

Creep and Peep

Turning Right (Emerging)

Stop Signs & Closed Junctions

Right Turns (Approaching)

Second Road on the Left

Second Road on the Right

Crossroads (Straight Ahead)

Crossroads (Giving Way)

Crossroads (Turning in Front of Other Vehicles)

Crossroads (Turning Behind Other Vehicles)

Unmarked Crossroads

Traffic Lights (Left)

Traffic Lights (Ahead)

Traffic Lights (Yellow Box)

Roundabouts (Turning Left)

Roundabouts (Straight Ahead)

Roundabouts (Turning Right)

Roundabouts (Using Blockers)

Zebra Crossings

Railway Crossings


Turn in the Road

Reverse Bay Park (Left)

Reverse Bay Park Tips

Reverse Bay Park (Right)

Parallel Parking

Emergency Stop

Stopping Distances

Driving Test