How to Pass Your Theory Test

Need info regarding the UKΒ Category B (GOV.UK) πŸ—— Driving Theory Test? Or perhaps some advice/material for theory test practice? On this page, you’re provided with everything you need in order to ace your theory test first time!

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To be a UK driver, you must very firstly obtain a provisional driving licence (GOV.UK) πŸ——. Then, and you can do this part while you improve your actual driving ability, you must also increase your road knowledge, in order to help you pass the driving theory test and become a safe driver. The aim is for you to show the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) (GOV.UK) πŸ—— and the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) (GOV.UK) πŸ—— that you have the level of knowledge and responsibility it takes to drive on the UK roads safely and legally, by passing this exam. You must pass this exam before you can take a practical test.

Theory test tips can be helpful when taking your uk theory test. You may even be asking questions, such as “How much is a theory test?”, “How to pass theory test first time?”, or “How much is a driving theory test?”. These questions, and more, are all answered in this in-depth theory test page, packed with theory test practice, theory test tips, driving test tips, and much more. All of this, because udrive wants you to get your driving licence, and to help you pass driving test first time. <<< THIS IS HIDDEN ON ALL DEVICES

To pass your Driving Theory Test you must show basic knowledge regarding 3 subjects:
The test contains two parts, and you must pass both:
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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. While you don’t have to spend a million pounds, you will have to invest a bit of time increasing your knowledge of the roads. The amount of timeΒ  this will take will vary, based on your existing knowledge, but it is usually anywhere from 2-20 hours worth of theory test practice.

As well as studying the theoretical side of cars and driving, it’s worth getting to know your car if you’re lucky enough to already own one, or know someone who’ll let you get to know theirs!

Hard-Copy Must-Haves

1. The Official DVSA Theory Test for Car Drivers
2. The Official Highway Code
3. Know Your Traffic Signs
The Official DVSA Guide to Driving the essential skills

Some people prefer the increased user interaction of learning through technology (smart-phones, tablets, computers etc.) to help with theory test practice. If that’s the case, we highly recommend the Driving Test Success Theory Test 4-in-1 App…


Have a schedule

Devote short 10-30 minutes to theory test practice every couple of days for a few weeks. The short but frequent sessions will help commit the info to long term memory, and that’s all you need. Keeping study sessions 30 minutes maximum will keep you on-task and focused. Going hard for a short period of time beats trying to study over a few hours, but allowing yourself to become distracted easily.


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Become a superhuman

Bundled with tips on how to accelerate your learning. Read it, but then make sure you use the tips to help you study for your theory test!


On a tight budget?

Having the app at least is really recommended, the number of first time passers who use this app is just staggering. However youΒ can still learn completely for free. Find reputable online material from a number of reputable sources online:


Apply knowledge whenever you can

Use your new found knowledge in the real world: notice road signs when you’re walking, cycling, or a passenger in a vehicle. If you ask nicely, maybe the person giving you a lift will help give you pointers about the rules of the road… feel free to get into heated debates about things you learn in your studies VS what actually happens in real life (sometimes they’re 2 totally different things)!


Make it personal

Taking notes in your own words can help re-phrase difficult items and make them easier to remember. Reflect on the material even when you’re not revising. This’ll really help commit the information to your long-term memory.

Every couple of sessions, give yourself a mock test. From there, it’s a great opportunity to take notes of the subjects/questions your struggling on, in order to understand them a bit better.

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Book a lesson with an Approved Driving Instructor?

This an important stage. Before spending time and money on the test date, you need to make sure you are consistently scoring 85% or higher on mock tests.

If you’re not using the app we mentioned before (which tests you on actual up-to-date exam questions), the following links are the best alternative.

Aim to consistently get 85% or higher in both the Multiple Choice Questions and the Hazard Perception Test.
Once you’ve got your provisional driving licence (GOV.UK) πŸ——, and are consistently getting 85% or higher on mock tests, you can go ahead and book your theory test.

If you have to wait for your test date, make sure you stay fresh with your knowledge by reading, using your theory knowledge when you’re in a driving lesson, and doing more mock tests!

Make sure you take the required items to your test, as the test will no go ahead if you don't take them. Click here for what you need to take (GOV.UK) πŸ——
Good Luck!